Love Coconuts & Chocolate February 09 2015

Hola everyone,

FYI. We made a quick trip to Mexico last week. Today I am relaxed as if I had a shot (well, two) of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey whiskey and, I'm ready to face the rest of winter.  

A few Sunday’s ago we were watching the snow and wishing we were at a beach.  Then, like magic our friends called from Puerto Vallarta and asked us to visit. They didn’t believe it, but we hoped on a plane.
I excitedly considered this my first shopping trip for 888 and, it was. I jumped right into scouring the streets for unusual items: jewelry, wooden bowls, paintings, purses all in the name of

I found extraordinary jewelry, hand-made purses and art. What was interesting to me, the artists and vendors all had printed business cards. A couple did not, but each readily gave me their phone number and email. Getting in touch with them may be a task and frustrating as well, dealing with the language, Mexican tele & internet but, I’m in possession of obscure Mexican artist’s phone numbers and emails. 
I discovered two very interesting Mexican beach towns with 888 art potential. Both were in the hills outside PV.  Sayulita is described by surfers world-wide as the best surfing in the world...that’s one thing I’ll never know. The small rustic town with cobblestone streets was swarming with towns people, tourists, street vendors, surfers. There were many open air restaurants that were no more than a bar with swings for seats. They served fresh juices, beer and rum. No vodka or wine. The menu’s were simple, offering eggs, quesadillas, corn tortillas, fresh pico de gallo, tacos.  I had a the best chocolate ice cream bar in the world. I wanted coconut (I’m crazy about coconut) but the chocolate looked so rich I couldn't decide. The girl waved her hand, ‘no problem,’ and simply dipped my chocolate bar in a chocolate hard shell covering then dipped that into fresh coconut. I wanted to bring a truck load of those home. What I did bring home was the hand-carved Sayulita cutting boards. They are small and perfect for a patio party and expertly designed as a 2-in-1, cut & serve board. I think you'll like them.
Next, Karen and Patrick took us to San Pancho, which is actually San Francisco, but everyone calls it San Pancho. Go figure. This is where I found the clutch purses designed by Layne Moon. She divides her time and work between San Pancho and the San Francisco Bay area. Her uniquely designed purses are hand woven and a perfect complement to a casual or semi-dressy vacation outfit. They are especially great for travel because they are lightweight, flat and easy to pack. Think cruise, beach, spa to get through the rest of the winter months in style.

I loved San Pancho and it proved to be perfect for my research. Besides the clutches, I found exquisite beaded bracelets made by the Huichol Indians. The quality of craftsmanship was superb but it was the colors that caught my eye. The Huichols work with sparkling, colorful beads creating elegant, flowing bracelets. Like the clutches, they are, oh, so stylish. I can envision my friends with a woven clutch tucked under their arm wearing an accent bracelet to top off their runway look. 
While I was south of the border, I did more than shop and eat.  I heard from one of my favorite artists. Kevin Robb. If you haven’t noticed, he is on now. We are so honored to have him join the gallery. 
Robb’s graceful, modern designs have grown with sophistication through the years. His work today, has achieved what every artist strives for - soul and monumental importance.
The Calypso Series featured on 888MarketStreet is clearly a reflection of the last 10 years. After a severe stroke, Kevin kept right on designing, working with his welders and finishers turning out more art and ideas than most sculptors see throughout a life-long career. Take a look at his whimsical bright sculptures. You can’t ride on them, but you will want to.
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Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Give your sweetheart something to love forever: a work of art. Then everyone will be happy.

Best wishes, beautiful art, rich chocolate & fresh coconuts to you,

Interesting segment of a painting found in Buscerias. The artist was finishing a large painting but I was entranced with the top left hand corner.
A Layne Moon original clutch. Perfect for a winter cruise or South Beach. You'll have the hippest purse around.
Huichol Indians create luscious, elegant bracelets that are in style in any season.