d' Art Market

This wall is 888 Market Street's secondary art market gallery. You ask, what is a secondary market and why sell older works of art? A secondary art market is an ordinary practice among art lovers within the art world, which is good, because there is always a thriving secondary art market within galleries and auction houses. This translates into a streak of luck for art lovers, buyers and collectors. Secondary art markets are designed to allow collectors, artists, corporations, decorators who are moving their art around to make sure the beloved piece continues to live in a safe place. That can mean, among other dilemmas, that reasonably available wall space is filled to capacity or, the owner has decided to sell it for whatever reason. Many times, art lovers simply want to move their art around and selling a beloved piece reveals the owner's changed tastes and needs. Re-selling a work of art allows one to buy more art while thinking financially, as well as wall-wise. Putting art on the secondary market just might say that it is time to sell one piece and purchase another.

If you own a work of art you love but need to replace due to financial reasons or wall space, contact 888 Market Street. 



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