About Us

Thank you for stopping at 888 Market Street. We're located in Denver, Colorado, and yes, we're full of Western boots and BS but we also have high quality jewelry, original art such as paintings, sculpture, prints, posters, photography, original fashion designs, books, music, pork fat, and quality beauty products created to protect during cold weather.

888 Market Street inventory is art, made by artists who live by their talent. We're happy you're here and know you'll enjoy meeting the fabulously creative people of 888 Market Street.

If you're ever in Denver let us know and we'll help you order the best steak, the best happy hour, creamiest ice cream, best authentic Mexican food, craft beer and locally distilled whiskey and, bar none, the best shopping areas and honky-tonks this side of New York City.

About 888

888 Market Street chooses high quality art created by artists with diverse impeccable talent, and originality. If you are an artist and would like to become a part of our gallery, contact Jan McNutt here.

Artists selected should send two to four high quality photos (digital). Photos should highlight product shot on white or light background. The artist must provide details, a short bio which will be rewritten by the 888 editor. Artist must include price, size, materials, and pertinent details needed for the purchaser. In regards to artist's pricing, it is imperative to create a price to include labor, shipping and handling. When an item is purchased, it is the artist's responsibility to ship to the buyer. In it's infancy, when art was being procured for 888 Market Street, artists readily explained that they 'know how to ship their art and prefer to do just that.' If your art is selected for 888 Market Street and a sale is made online, you get a notice of sale from Denver. You pack, you ship, you contact 888 Market Street that the order has shipped, artist is immediately paid through Paypal or check. You will have the direct phone number to contact Jan for further questions or concerns.

If you are wondering about the artists, when 888 Market Street began, we naturally went to the talent we knew and trusted in our backyard.  As we launch 888, you will see the art is mostly, but not exclusively, from Colorado. Relax dear artists, never fear, 888 Market Street is always searching for exquisite jewelry designs, fabulous art, unusual products and of course, fine art from every nook and cranny of the world.